Enjoy Milo's Methods!
Enjoy Milo's Methods!

Welcome to Fit-EST: The Destination for Fitness and Wellness!

Fit-EST is a gym and fitness center, located in Westport, Connecticut. Our fitness and wellness concept creates a personalized environment for individuals to pursue their goals. Our focus is on those who strive to balance fitness with overall lifestyle by concentrating on the unique needs of the client.

Through personal training sessions and group fitness classes, we offer weight loss, toning, strength, and agility training for all ages ranging from children to adults. Fit-EST personal training sessions and fitness classes combine the use of practical exercises with a wide variety of equipment to help build strength, endurance and stamina. All exercises are modified for the individual’s level of fitness from beginner to the most advanced athlete. A mixture of high-energy aerobics, weight training, and sculpting combine to create an ideal program that will improve personal performance and weight loss.

The Fit-EST nutrition programs, working in conjunction with our fitness programs or as a standalone program, determine the objectives of the client and develop specific recommendations to achieve personal goals. Using modern nutritional theories paired with a common sense approach to healthy eating, we cultivate a supportive environment for successful lifestyle changes.

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